Our crew

Our crew

Friday, November 15, 2013


Tomorrow it all starts.  We turn in our official application and we start PRIDE.  I'm sure I'll come back with a wealth of information.  I'm already tired from a long and busy day today.  Here's hoping for a good night of sleep, no back pain, and an attentive mind tomorrow.


  1. Andrew and Rachel,
    I want you to know that I am extremely proud of you and your family; first, as a father/father-in-law/grandfather, and second, as your pastor. You are incredible blessings to me. Thank you. Your love for Christ and for your family is obvious and is one of the great satisfactions of my life. Keep up the good work. 
       Rachel, by the time you were about two-years-old, Mom and I seriously considered adopting a child, and we did take some time to look into it. A combination of things seemed to stand in our way but we never ruled it out until we were past 45. Perhaps we should have kept the door open. I think that what you want to do is fantastic and I think you and Andrew are very suited to do an excellent job if God, in His kind providence, grants you the desires of your heart. I agree that if He gives you a child (or two or three), that He will also provide the means. 
       All of this is but a preface. I not only think that your desire to adopt is good thing, I think it is a great thing, and you both have my enthusiastic support!  I can't wait to meet the newest member of our family. In the days ahead I will be giving some financial support for this important cause, and perhaps you will let me write a "guest post" for your blog on the power and importance of adoption. 

    With love and respect,