Our crew

Our crew

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Almost ready!

The last thing we have to do before scheduling the home study is go get our TB tests done.  Thanks to some very generous donors, we are going to do that this week.  Hopefully my children won't act like maniacs when we all go strolling in for a shot.  (Don't tell my kids it's actually a shot.  I told them they were going to get a bubble on their skin.)  I also may need to spend a little extra on prizes IF they don't act ridiculous.  Thankfully daddy will be going along for this.  He can finally see what all the fuss (and headache) is about!

Assuming we are all TB free....we can go turn in all the remaining paperwork later in the week,write a nice check to Buckner,and get scheduled for our home study!

There was one other couple in most of our classes and we're trying to get everything turned in before them.  Apparently whoever gets there first get's Danielle (the lady we've been working with) for their home study.  Buckner only lets each caseworker work on one home study at a time.  And since that can take as long as a month for them to get everything completed on their end, we don't want to miss out on Danielle.  Here's hoping we've been quick enough!  (Danielle also wants to work with us.  Apparently we are the first couple that she has worked with from the very beginning of the journey. She's only been with Buckner 6 months or so and she would like to see us all the way through.  We would like that too.)

We still have a few things to do around the house to get ready, but nothing too big.

1. Make a designated sleeping space for future children.

2. Build a loft bed for additional sleep space in the boys' room.

3. Buy dressers and car seats.  (I need to find out if we've got to have the dressers before the home study.)

4. Get a bigger vehicle.  (ok, so this one is kind of a big deal.)

We are trying to figure out the best way to go about selling our Expedition and purchasing a big van.  We would like to buy one from Enterprise ride-share (in CA).  They have pretty good prices and all the seats are captains chairs.  The tricky part is the juggling between one car and the next.  Please pray for wisdom in this and reasonable means to do so.

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