Our crew

Our crew

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Updated to-do list

Items in orange updated 1-9-14
Items in blue edited 1-15-14

Tonight we are attending our last class/meeting.  This one is called "Adoption Prep."    I'm not sure what to expect.  Please pray that it goes well,whatever the content.

I also thought I would update you on our to-do list.  The items I've marked through are complete.  We still have much to do.

Things to arrange:

1. Make a designated sleeping space for future children.
2. Schedule the fire inspection.
3. Lock up guns and ammo.
4. Lock up medicines.
5. Make and post rules and consequences.
6. Clean our room :)
7. Build a loft for the additional bed in the boys' room.

Things to buy/pay for

1. Get the dog updated on shots ($70)
2. Fire extinguisher ($100+)
3. Background checks for regular visitors   ($200+)
4. Dressers ($300)
5. Extra car seat ($150)
6. Fire inspection ($100)
7. Buckner fees ($1,000)
8. TB skin tests for all  ($250)
9. Get a bigger vehicle  (???)
10. Gas heater inspection ($90)
11. Gas water heater inspection and minor repair ($340)
12. Fingerprinting for background check ($88)

  1. Drivers License
  2. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  3. Divorce Decree (if applicable)
  4. Death certificate of spouse (if applicable)
  5. Birth certificates
  6. Diploma or GED (all of them)
  7. Current liability insurance (auto)
  8. paycheck stubs or tax return
  9. 10 year residency form
  10. background check release
  11. FBI fingerprint criminal history clearance
  12. DFPS history clearance
  13. DPS criminal history clearance
  14. TB skin test for all household members over age 1
  15. pet vaccinations
  16. house rules (including rewards and consequences)
  17. health inspection (done by Buckner)
  18. fire inspection 
  19. Floor plan
  20. pictures of home exterior and surrounding areas
  21. home child-care plan
  22. home schedule (summer and the school year)
  23. evacuation plan
  24. tax return
  25. verification of health insurance
  26. will   (you would think that with an attorney in the house we would already have this one taken care of.  But the one we have is 8 years old and only lists one child.  Time to update,dear!)
  27. proof of life insurance on husband and wife (50K minimum)

There's still much to do, but we ARE actually getting somewhere.  It's crazy to think that we could have more children before summer.  It may very well be longer than that, but it could happen.  It's hard to plan any summer trips or even weekends to visit family or friends when you don't know what's going to happen.  We trust that God's timing is perfect.

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