Our crew

Our crew

Saturday, February 8, 2014

We passed!

The home study went well.  Danielle spent about 3.5 hours in our home talking and asking many questions.  It was a much more pleasant experience than I expected.  The kids even spoke to her.  Before she left we were chit-chatting and she casually said, "well, you passed."  I'm not sure if she heard my sigh of relief, but it was definitely a big one.      

She said that she is allowed 30 days to get everything complete and put together, but she is planning to get it done by the 21st since she will be out of town the last week of the month.  Then she will hand it over to her supervisor to make sure everything is clean and clear.  Then we will be licensed.  She said her goal is for us to have our license in hand by the beginning of March so we can attend an adoption fair here in town.  (More on this later, I'm sure.)

So now comes the real hard part.  Waiting.

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