Our crew

Our crew

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good news!

We had a great meeting at Buckner (http://www.buckner.org/) last night.  The worker we met with was very friendly and very accommodating.  She even made a special informational meeting just for us since we couldn't make next week's meeting.  It's a small local office with only 3 employees and they are all involved with each case.  She answered all of our questions that she could and assured us she would get back with us promptly on the ones she couldn't answer.  It was great timing too since their Pride training is mid November and we can get in on that and not have to wait until February like we would have with CPS.  Another great thing is that their training class is only two Saturdays instead of 4-6 weeks of classes at various times.

This morning I got an email from Danielle (the lady we met with last night.)  She said she talked to her supervisor and she wasn't 100% sure about our question on the number of children but that she would talk to the regional director and get back with us.  About two hours later I got an email with the subject line "Good News!".  If we go with the "Waiting Texas Children" program, which means straight adoption, we can adopt as many as our home space will allow.  We expect this to be 2-3.  Now it feels like we're actually getting somewhere!

So here's the time line now.

We are working on the 17 page application for Buckner.  We've got to try to remember every house we've lived in for the last ten years!  That should prove rather challenging.  It asks all sorts of questions.  They want to know where our parents and siblings live, go to church, went to college, etc.  They want to know what age, gender, and ethnicity of children we are interested in.  Tons of information to fill in and this will just barely scratch the surface.

Next we will attend Pride training in November.  We will have two Saturdays of classes in Lufkin.  Anybody want to babysit?

After that we will start the home study.  Jessica, the third lady that works at this office, will come to our home and interview us and the children.  They will inspect various aspects of the home and make sure we've got all our ducks in a row.  This will also be the time when they determine how many children we can open our home to.

Then there will be a few more classes like CPR, first aid, and an adoption prep type class.  These are all offered at Buckner.

Last night and today were very encouraging.  It feels like we are actually getting somewhere!

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