Our crew

Our crew

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another hurdle

Last week I got another call from Ms. J at the CPS office.  She wanted to be sure that everything was clear to us.  (It wasn't.)  She wanted to be sure I knew that if we go through CPS we can only have one child placed in our home.  She said that even though it's within the law to place more, it is not something that the CPS agency typically does.  All that to say, if we want to pursue more than one child, we need to go to a private agency.  She also informed me that the next PRIDE class would be in Jasper, which is about an hour and a half away.  That's not something we can do several times in a month.  The next class in a reasonable distance won't be until February probably.

I had already requested some information from Buckner, a private Christian foster and adopt agency that is located about 30 miles away.  I was initially turned off by the fees, but later discovered that the fees are refundable once the adoption is finalized.  I called the lady that was emailing me information to ask a few questions.  The biggest one of course was to do with the number of children we already have and could have.  She said that is not a problem.  She said something about there being a 1 to 5 ratio and since we have two parents in the home it would work.  They have an informational meeting in a couple of weeks but we had a conflict so she said we could come any time and have a private informational meeting.  We are scheduled to do that next Monday, the 21st.  I'm assuming that the private agencies schedule their own PRIDE classes, but I'm not sure.  I hope so.  I don't really want to wait until February.

I'm not really surprised.  Once I read the number "six" on the TARE website and elsewhere, I knew we would have a challenge ahead of us.  But I know that the Lord will direct our steps in this.  I pray that our eyes are open to see His will for us.

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