Our crew

Our crew

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I've delayed writing this since my computer is currently down, but I want to write while it's still fresh, so I'm slowing pecking this out on the iPad.  I may short you a few details.

Andrew and I both felt like Orientation was much more informative than the class. We covered a lot of the procedural stuff and paper work.  I didn't count how many things we signed,  but it was a lot. We still have several online trainings to do and one other adoption class at Buckner. Between now and January 7th.  We need to schedule our fire inspection, buy a fire extinguisher and mount it in the kitchen, get the dog updated on shots, draw our floor plan, plan and draw our evacuation route, write and post our house rules, make a home schedule (thankfully this doesn't have to be very detailed),  and make a specific plan for where our future children will sleep. We will also need to go ahead and get them dressers. Each kid needs their own bed and their own storage space.  I see a trip to Ikea in our near future.  We already have enough beds, we just have to figure out which kids are going where. And of course it's hard to know those details until we know the age and gender of any kids we will be getting. I think for now we will plan on moving our current kids around to leave an empty room. It looks like Andrew will have another building project soon!

We will also need to get background checks run on any potential babysitters and anyone that visits our home more than three times in a month. It think we will just have a few people do that (like my parents) and just limit other friends coming over for those six months from placement to adoption finalization. Also, any babysitters under 18 have to be CPR certified.  I'm not sure if we will pay to do that or just plan on no teenage babysitters during that time.

At the next class in January, we will schedule our home study.  During the home study, either the home developer or the case worker will come to our home and interview all of us together and separately. She will also do the health inspection to check for basic things like running water, working toilets, etc. After the home study is complete and all the paper work is turned in, we will be licensed!  From there we could have a placement at any time.

Andrew and dad have been building us a new dining room table that will seat our whole family.   Here's our new table decked out for Christmas dinner.

Here s a list of things we need to do around the house and another list of things we need to pay for.  Would you consider donating to help with these expenses and bring our kids home?

1. Make a designated sleeping space for future children.
2. Schedule the first inspection.
3. Lock up guns and amo.
4. Lock up medicines.
5. Make and post rules and consequences.
6. Clean our room :)
7. Build a loft for the additional bed in the boys' room.

Things to buy/pay for

1. Get the dog updated on shots ($70)
2. Fire extinguisher ($100+)
3. Background checks for regular visitors   ($200+)
4. Dressers ($300)
5. Extra car seat ($150)
6. Fire inspection ($100)
7. Buckner fees ($1,000)
8. TB skin tests for all  ($250)
9. Get a bigger vehicle  (???)

Please continue to pray for us.  Please pray for that all of our children would feel loved and blessed this Christmas season. Please pray for us as we gather all the paperwork and do the work around the house. Pray that the Lord would give us strength and faith as we prepare our family for more children.  Pray for guidance and financial provision as we make purchases towards our adoption and as we seek to purchase a larger vehicle.  Also ,please pray about how the Lord can use you to help in the life of children without parents and a loving home.

May the Lord bless you and your family this Advent and Christmas season.

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  1. Some people can be so cruel. You're doing an amazing thing. You're doing what God called you to do. Much love <3