Our crew

Our crew

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 was a great year for our family.  We lived in the same house a whole year!  We've now lived in this house longer than we've ever lived in one place in the almost 9 years of our marriage.  2013 is also the first full calendar year of our marriage that I haven't been pregnant.  I am sure that both of these things contributed to making our year so pleasant.  We took our first real family vacation that didn't involve a wedding or a holiday and visiting family.  Those other things aren't bad, but this was still a first for us.  We traveled far less than we have in past years and I'm sure our car thanks us (I know our gas bill does!)  We all grew another year older, closer to one another, and stronger in our faith.  We've developed new relationships, strengthened others, and even let go of a few.

In 2013 we also began this adoption journey that will drastically change our lives and the lives of our children.  All of our children.  Each child that has been born to us has changed our lives and our family dynamic.  It has changed our extended family and our friends' lives too.  When we adopt though, it's going to change even more.  Our family will change inside and out.  Our home life will change, our life in our church and school community will change and the lives of those IN our community will change.  And most of all, I think, the life of the children we adopt will change.  This year has likely been a big struggle for them.  Their whole, short lives, have likely been a struggle.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but we are praying that wherever they are right now, that they are loved and connected to the people that are caring for them.    I'd love to think that they are in a loving, Christian foster home.  That their foster parents are meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  That they are being taken to church, and sung to, and prayed over.  That they will come to us knowing what love is and hoe wonderful a family can be.  But this is all highly unlikely.  That is probably not the world they are living in.  I doubt that I can even imagine what their little world is like.  And I doubt that they can imagine what it will be like when they come home to us.

As Christians, all of our lives were changed and saved by adoption.  Not one of us would be here today without the adoption we received through Christ.  In 2014, our lives will change and ALL of our children's lives will change.  Our friends' and family's, who are most of the readers here,  lives will change because of another adoption.  Though I sometimes worry about the future and what a big impact this decision will have on our family, I know without a doubt that "all things work together for good, for those who love the Lord, who have been called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)  We trust that God is preparing our children for us, and us for them.

Please pray for us in 2014.

That our children, wherever they are right now, are loved and nurtured.

That our home study and final steps to licensing will go smoothly.

That our current children will adapt well to the changes that are in store.

That bonding and love will come naturally between us and our future children and amongst the children.

That we are able to provide for all of our children's needs.

That the Lord would give us wisdom and discretion when it comes time for submitting our home study and accepting children.

That we are able to sort out the bedroom and sleeping arrangement to suit everyone's needs.

That we are able to find and purchase a large van.

That I would be able to actually cut back on commitments and volunteering for additional things in anticipation of pouring more time into more children, and that I would be happy about cutting back, even if we don't get a placement right away.

That God would give us patience and peace as we wait for His timing.


Currently there are three ways you can support us financially though this process.

Send checks, and all money goes directly into our adoption fund.
(you can comment or email to request the address)

We are also working on a t-shirt design for a fundraiser.

We give thanks for the prayers and financial support that have already been offered and we sincerely appreciate each one of you.  May you all be blessed in 2014.

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